E-Rich! (onestarhotel) wrote in wtfrock,

New Merch, New Music, and more!!!

Hey everyone!!!

This is Erich your favorite drummer of Writing the Fiction. This is our first
blog ever! yeah, I decided that it was time we actually use this damn thing
since no one knows what we are doing.

Here's a little update...

We are going into recording soon with our boys of
With Rescue Breathing. We just got in a bunch of new merch as well which includes,
t-shirts ($10 new design), buttons, and stickers (both $0.50 each), we also are
still selling our CD One Star Hotel ($6), as well as the few hoodies we have
left ($25). All of this new merch should be available at our next show!!!
Hopefully if we can get together enough dough we should be able to make some
sweet track jackets for the upcoming season. So you should help us out and we
will definetly make up some really nice track jackets!

We would also like to get you guys to check out our boys in Search the City.
They just came back from New York with a brand new set of recordings. We love
those guys and would really like you to check them out! Thanks for actually
reading this whole thing. See you all soon!

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